7 comments on “Adobe Extension Builder 3 & Photoshop CC 2015

  1. Hi Dave,

    Just to let you know, you can ‘future-proof’ your panels by simply adding the lowest version number of Photoshop into the manifest.xml file (see example below). This way, there’s no imposed upper limit.

    You could also use “[14.0, 99.9]”, but the above is much cleaner in my opinion.

    Of course Adobe seems to change things so drastically each update, who knows what will break in the next version. I’m waiting for them to fix two major issues that end up braking my own panel.

    Best of luck!



  2. Hi Dave,

    I have installed extension builder 3 on eclipse Juno 3.8 build, and was trying to run my extension from IDE, but it doesn’t show up in the Photoshop extensions list. I think I need to update the Service Manager Root Folder path in Service Manager in CC Launching Paths in Adobe Extension Builder 3 within the Preferences settings. By default its pointing to CEPServiceManager4, but that folder doesn’t exist. I have changed it to “C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe Extension Manager CC” but still I am unable to see my extension in Photoshop. Please help!


      • Hi dave,
        The folder that you mentioned does not exist in my file system. But what I did is created a folder with the same name. And added the path in the Preferences settings. Now my extension is being displayed correctly in Photoshop. Thanks a lot for the help 🙂


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