6 comments on “It’s an Apple Invasion

  1. I saw the light when Mr Rudd gave us $900 clams. iMac in the office and 17 inch MBP on my lap! I HATE my PC but still have it as my website program is PC only!

    These things are great, still may crash or freeze but mate its rare and never a drama.



    • Hi David,

      I must admit I was a bit annoyed when I found out that you have to have a Mac to do iPhone development but now I’m very happy about it as it made me make the leap.

      New desktop Mac next 😀


    • Hi Sandy,

      Tell me about it, because of the whole flash thing I find I generally browse the web more on the Macbook and just use the iPad for reading articles on the web or twitter & email type stuff.

      Luckily there are no end of other uses for the iPad, browsing the web just isn’t one of them.

      Apple really aren’t doing themselves any favours there 😦


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