10 comments on “New 5D Mark II Christened

  1. Giday Dave .
    I see you were out and about on Monday as well, great shots.I was lucky enough to be in Perth on Monday evening but missed the best bit as I was driving to the beach but it was pretty neat. Check my blog for what I managed to get.

    You would be pleased now you have the new toy…errr tax deduction.


  2. Thanks Craig.

    You’d have thought I’d have noticed wouldn’t you Stephen, I think I was too busy trying to keep the rest of the camera dry …

    Hi Merv, sounds like you had much more fun than me just getting a bit wet. Glad you found your keys and got at least 1 lightning shot too :smile:.
    Mind you we did lose a tennis ball on the beach last night in the dark, still not quite the same as car keys though 😀


  3. Very nice. I was fortunate to be out that night too -a few kms down the coast at Marmion- and experienced some of the best light I’ve seen in Perth for ages, although I guess that rain came a little later further down south.


  4. Thanks Hazel, Michael and Christian 🙂

    Now if only I could find more time to get some more shots processed.

    Just need to finish printing 500 odd football teams and get the new web site up and I’ll be raring to go again :smie:


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