8 comments on “Bunker Bay

  1. Thanks Stephen, stitching water is always a challenge but it’s good to see if anyone can see the flaws.

    Did you mention Flemming, better go double check the horizon 😉


  2. You shouldn’t have any stitch issues Dave with a 13 second exposure, water will be smoothed out way to even for errors. I only get them when exposures are under 2 or 3 seconds. Nice capture love the colours of the sky and blues tones of the water. maybe could of done without the land element since its really a none factor being dark and all.


  3. Hi Neal,

    There were a few subtle issues with the stitching, but your right it’s alot easier with longer exposures.

    I lked having the contrast of the land coming in from the side but I think one without the land would be good too, more serene maybe without the harsh black silhouette of the land.


  4. Cheers Merv,

    I have a wife with high expectations :grin:, but don’t tell her I said that. We also had Maggies sister and 84 year old mother with us so even getting up the hill to the bar was a big event.

    I think a bit of ruffing it is on the horizon, some of these places just don’t have 5 star resorts :(.

    Nothing happening with selling the 5D unfortunately. Looking like a trade-in if I don’t get any interest soon, I’m getting impatient to get my new toy …


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