11 comments on “Sunset over Sugarloaf Rock

  1. Great colours in the sky, and I love the flat water from the long exposure.

    FYI, the title under the photo on the larger sized version says “splendid fairy-wren”, which certainly isn’t correct 😉

    I was at the same location on the easter weekend….shooting similar shots.


  2. Cheers Martin, it sure was a great sunset. I’ll keep an eye out for your shots 🙂

    If you squint and look away from the screen it does look a bit like a Fairy Wren, honest. Well maybe not, all fixed now, thanks.

    Thanks for visiting the blog.


  3. Hi Dave … nice shot that one. What lens mate , looks like a wide one.

    Your blog stats have just gone up 1 more , I’m trying to get mine going as well, you’d better have a look…(:

    I’ll add you to my blog roll if thats ok with you.


  4. Hi Merv, welcome to the blog 🙂

    Happy to swap Blog roll links mate. Same goes for anyone else drop me a line here and I’ll add you to my blog roll.

    This shot was with my 17-40mm, wouldn’t mind having the 16-35mm for wide angle shots but this one still gives stunning results. Seriously thinking about the 50mm f1.2 for stitching but I would hate to be without my wide angle for single shot images.


  5. Thanks for that Dave, your added to mine.

    I’ve got the 24-70 which is what I use the most on the mk2. I also have the 10-22 Canon to use on the 40d which is ok but I don’t really shot a lot of wides.

    I’d like to get the 50,1.2, but hard to justify the cost at the moment for the increase in sharpness. I’ll keep useing CS3 for sharpness at this point I’d say.

    The little “plastic fantastic ” 50mm 1.8 will have to do for now.


  6. Thanks Matt.

    I love shooting at Sugarloaf Rock, lots of rock climbing involved so it really reals like your at one with nature.

    Of course getting back up the cliff after the sun sets makes it even more interesting 🙂


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