6 comments on “New Image with a Different Style

  1. kinda hard for me to see how it looks…. it looks like its on canvas… is thats a watermark or part of the image?


  2. Dave,
    Nice piece.
    I do some HDR work myself. Your image borders on illustration, imo, and I would imagine it looks fantastic at full size/resolution. What’s your image dimension on this?
    Keep working with the “different style”….


  3. Hi Louis,

    Thanks for your comments, I was trying to create something a little different with this style and your right it does look very much like a painting.

    As far as size goes its a single shot from a Canon 5D so I should be able to print it fairly large but I haven’t printed it above 13″ x 17″ yet.

    I have got some very good feedback on this image so far, I am amazed how many people instanlty fall in love with it. I’m planning on making it my first image of the month 😎


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