9 comments on “Last Night’s Sunset

  1. Nice shot mate, the reflections are perfect!
    I just got a new pic up on the blog from Victoria. Nothing to special, but good enough to show!

    Hope you get out for more regular shoots soon mate!



  2. Thanks Guys, it would be good to have more time to go out shooting but right now the business side is taking up alot of my time.

    Hopefully soon things will settle down and I can get out more 🙂


  3. The sunset was amazing I walked out of the gym and the whole sky was firey red . Glad some got a shot of it
    Nice capture Dave .


  4. That is a great image Dave and a beautiful sunset. The reflection on the water from the water really draws the viewer in.


  5. Thats fantastic Dave. We need a sunset alert system..can’t see it from my kitchen…..and the ball and chain doesn’t stretch as far as the door.


  6. I did see the sunset from my place and thought you might be out at the marina for it. Unfortunately I was stuck at home doing a shot for the magazine…but did manage to get some of the pink sky in the shot!! Some of my neighbours came out as extras in the photo…was a beautiful evening!


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