21 comments on ““What’s On Perth” Magazine

  1. Sure Hazel, just arrange a photo shoot with someone like Elle and Vogue will be all over you 🙂

    Looks like I’ll be getting one of my Mindarie images in Scoop soon too 😎


  2. Dave,

    I really like that as a photographer you really come up with some clever business ideas. I just know with that sort of forward thinking you’re going to be very successfull.

    Jamie Paterson


  3. Well done Dave!!!! I’ve been harrassing scoop for a while now. But looks like I have been given a bit of a break…..I did a test shoot for Perth Bride last week……fingers crossed. I would put a smiley face but I dont know how to.


  4. I must admit that the Scoop article is about Mindarie Marina and they are using my pictures, but I will be getting a credit in the magazine for the images. Every little helps.

    We put alot of time into networking and getting our business out there Jamie. I feel it is more important to do that than just advertise, people are gettting to know who we are and starting to seek us out.


  5. Thanks Jamie!
    Keep at it Dave ..I know you have to advertise and network but your images speak for themselves. You are the Christian Fletcher of the North!


  6. Well done Dave. Have you seen the stuff in there now……….its rubbish. I was in there doing a test shoot for Perth Bride last week….we used the piano…..turned out great.


  7. Yeh, the stuff in there is not the best at the moment, the paper is badly wrinkled on alot of the prints 😦

    That piano is great isn’t it, I can imagine you must have got some great shots.

    Did you know they are putting a bar in where the piano is very soon, will make a great difference to the foyer 🙂


  8. Hi Hazel,

    Yes but I was forced into a direction that I didn’t want to go to last year. I don’t really like the ‘glam’ stuff and its all that was presented to me last year so I moved away from the company that was getting me to do the shots. I much more interested in pure fashion and beauty photography, I like my girls to be dressed up rather than dressed down. I want to do the big hair, crazy makeup and wild clothes. I’ve got a shoot lined up in two weeks time with Alina that will get me back on track.

    Jamie Paterson


  9. Good on ya Jamie…..follow your heart. I love fashion photography for myself. Getting there slowly but I also love landscape…its like fishing…sitting, waiting…and click. But I’m not a very good landscaper. Always looking at Dave’s work …its an inspiration. As is Christian Fletchers.


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