6 comments on “Lightroom 2, Photoshop 64 bit and Macs

  1. Dave, I downloaded the beta the other day.
    The localised corrections are awesome. Dodging and burning on raw photos is awesome.

    You can also stitch or hdr straight from Lightroom into photoshop. Its awesome. Now I just need a faster computer.


  2. I’m definately looking forward to giving the 64 bit version a go, just need to find the time to install 64bit Vista.

    Localised changes are very cool, how long before we can get rid of Photoshop I wonder …


  3. Thanks for the tip Dave, I’ll be on to that tonight. I’ve been doing application testing for years. It’ll be just like work!


  4. Had a quick play with it yesterday and very impressed!

    Local corrections are great, dual-screen mode is fantastic and really liking the ability to create smart objects within Photoshop. The whole integration into Photoshop is much better now that it doesn’t need to create a intermediate file.

    Does anyone know the official release date? There was mention that the Beta expired around August time, just hope its not that long till the final version!


  5. Dave what do you think of Aperture, Kingsley from photo coffee swears by it. I think lightroom sounds like the goods but interested to hear your thoughts. Your blog is very informative, I need to be doing this sort of stuff more.


  6. Hi Christian,

    Unfortunately Aperture is an MAC only product so I’ve never really looked into it seriously.

    Also one thing that appeals to me me about Lightroom is how closely it is integrated with Photoshop (which will remain the industry standard for a while yet) so it’s sort of the safe option of the 2.

    Of course the fact that Lightroom is an incredible tool for a V1.0 product helps alot too 🙂


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