16 comments on “New Print – Mindarie & Quinns Rocks Coastline

  1. Great image Dave, that’ll look good on canvas. Is that really true of the behavior of the IS lenses? I’ve got it on my 17-85mm lens and I’m not even sure it works to be honest. Thanks for the tip anyway I’ll have to experiment as I do tend to leave it on but I manually focus most of my stuff to be hyperfocal. Does the Manual focus override the IS I wonder?


  2. Great shot, Dave. The exposure time creates some nice motion in the water without “smoothing” it too much…

    I would imagine it would look great on canvas!

    I didn’t know that about the IS either although I don’t have any lenses with IS.


  3. Thanks guys.

    I’m pretty sure that the IS will work whether the focus is on auto or manual, most os my landscape shots are done with manual focus.

    IS really is a godsend for wildlife and people shooting but you’d think Canon could detect you were mounted on a tripod and disable it …


  4. Cheers Matthew, useful article.

    I had to laugh at the following statement though

    “This is pretty basic stuff really – if you read the manual that comes with your IS enabled lens it will give you this same tip …”

    Cause we all read manuals don’t we guys 😀
    That’s the first thing I do when I get a new toy, no rushing out to try it out I sit in the corner for an hour reading about it … or maybe not 😎


  5. Great Shot Dave ,
    Would look great on canvas .
    Thanks for the info on IS lens didnt even know about that .
    Will coming in usefull when i get a lens with IS


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