8 comments on “Question to anyone that knows Bunker Bay well …

  1. it’s called Shelley cove or Shelley Beach depends on who you ask and yes the surf break there is called the Quarries. A sea container of tv’s washed up there a decade ago. If you look around you will see the plastic bits and some circuitry. Apparently there was whole tv’s on the beach, all stuffed obviously!!


  2. I usually take a photo of the signs around where I photograph so I have a record of place names with the pictures but for some reason I forgot this time.

    Shelley is the name I remember seeing but the only reference I could find on the web was to “The Quarries” that Neal mentioned.

    Thanks Christian and Neal, you guys are officially more informative than Google now (for the South West anyway) 😆


  3. Hey, mate. That’s a really nice photo. I usually take a photo of the name of the place, too, or write a note into my phone.

    I’d be happy to exchange links with you on my blog if you’re keen.



  4. It’s a small place call Shelley Cove, I know this because I go snorkelling there all the time and my dad and brother go fishing on the other side of the rocks away from all the coral and the beach. They call it Shelley Cove because of the “sand”, sand is usually crushed up pieces of shell, really small, but here it’s not like that most of it is basically still at least a third of a shell sometimes half and sometimes a whole shell.


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