19 comments on “Which are the best Canon lenses?

  1. The red ring is definately a good place to start Matt. I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on a 24-70 but my 17-40 does a pretty good job and my 70-200 is an excellent lens.

    The shopping list is very long and not getting any shorter 🙂


  2. I had the 70-200mm and it was another fantastic lens. With the 1ds Mark II I am keen to get my hands on the 16-35mm first then the 70-200 and Id say my kit is complete.


  3. I use my 70-200mm IS and use it for 90% of all my fashion stuff. Its the most versitile lens for my and now I’m using the 1ds MkIII with it I”m blown away.

    Second favourite is now my 50mm F1.2 lens.


  4. Hazel,

    I just found one of your messages in the spam filter, fixed it now and it should be visible.

    After what we talked about last night concerning the content of most meaasages identified as spam I’m getting a little worried about what subliminal messages you’re sending out :mrgreen:


  5. Its a great way to kill people you dont like…..offer to take their portrait for free….and shoot away!

    Subliminal hey. Just trying to affect your deeper mind Dave.

    I got a great shot last night….I think……for a portrait photographer anyway.


  6. You’re free again Hazel, not sure why the spam filter hates you so much.

    Try putting a your web address in when you make a post, that will also let people click on your name to see your web site.


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