24 comments on “West Coast Blues and Roots Festival

  1. they asked me too but it is a bit too hard being in Dunsborough to get the images to them etc. Should get some good exposure though and maybe a star or two may hang one of your pieces in their house. That would be nice! Alternatively they might get drunk, trash the vip area and your photos with it, ah thats Rock and Roll,…………actually no, it’s Blues and Roots.


  2. Well, they say there is no such thing as bad publicity …

    We’ll see what happens, nothing to lose and the organisers seem to be great people.

    Also it’s about time those artistic guys down in Freo got some competition from the Northern Suburbs :mrgreen:


  3. Congrats on have your brilliant work on display at Blue and Roots festival! They never asked me!! Famous at last – I’m sure people will love them and hopefully not get drunk and totally trash the vip area! Good way to get noticed though – so if you need any help in the trash side of things – let me know!


  4. Thanks Lynn, good to see you finally made it into Blog land 🙂

    I expect to see regular postings now or no more tips on how to setup your printer 😉

    P.S. The link to your web site works now that I’ve spelt it correctly …


  5. Congratulations Dave! Can you believe it Jools Holland and his Orchestra will be there! Oh my I wont know where to look first Jools, Dave’s images, Jools Dave’s images! O well I can dream….I’ll probably be home with the kids preparing food wishing I was undecided about where to look Jools or Dave’s images.


  6. Hi Dave,

    Pleasure to meet you last night. I love your work. I’ll be at the Blues and Roots festival but since my they misplaced my invite to play at the festival I guess I won’t get to see them.

    Jamie Paterson


  7. Hi Jamie,

    Great night at Christians wasn’t it 🙂

    It is always good to get together with other like minded photographers, we should get Christian to start a club to give us an excuse to meet regularly 😉


  8. Hi Dave,

    It was a very good night and I think Christian might be surpised just how much we got out of it. I didn’t go down to learn how to take a photo, let’s face it we all pretty much know how to do that, and we’ll get better with time.

    I was more interested in his photographic journey, how did he get to where he is. How he runs the business etc…. that was great and I loved that he was so open about it all.



  9. I agree Jamie, it was great to see how Christian does some of his day to day stuff.

    The great thing about seeing how others do things is that there always something new you could learn or a different way to do various things.


  10. Dave i think if Christian, or any of us could organise regular weekend photographic trips and gatherings, it would be great!




  11. Hi Dylan,

    I’m not sure organising a shooting weekend will be up Chritian’s sleeve at the moment. Of course I could be wrong. We should just organise our own trip and go for it. Down south while start getting quieter and quieter now so we can shoot without all the ‘tourists’ hanging around. LOL.



  12. Hi Dave,

    I saw a stack of your pics hanging up in one of the tents and I watched quite a few people commment on them. Well done!!!! I was wondering why you didn’t set up a stall at the Festival? I thought it might have been a good opportunity to sell some of your photos.


    Jamie Paterson


  13. Thanks Jamie,

    I never really thought about the stall to be honest, I didn’t think it would be the sort of place to do something like that.

    Unfortunately I couldn’t get down to the Festival but glad to hear it had a good impact.


  14. Hi Dave,

    No problems. There was someone else there selling photos on canvas of some fairly basic stuff and they did manage to sell a few photos. Their marketing ploy was “Buy a photo and we’ll look after it until you’re ready to leave”. Might be an idea for next year. 🙂

    Jamie Paterson


  15. Thanks for that Jamie, always worth knowing what others people are doing 🙂

    We definately need to get out to some of these things and start selling our prints seriously.


  16. Just trying to get our name and images out there at the moment, it takes a while but if people see your name around enough they start to take you seriously (I hope).


  17. Now, what was that you said on the path of life? Something about a red and white box and ‘favourites’? Blank look equals blonde moment! Well done with all your great comments – maybe I’ll have to look into this blog business? You have some great comments about your Blues images! Well Done!


  18. Hi Lynn, there are 2 links at the top right of the page with orange and white icons as follows:

     Subscribe – New Posts

     Subscribe – New Comments

    Click on each of them and IE7 will take you to the rss feed page for New Posts and New Comments on this blog.
    Click on Subscribe to this Feed and IE7 will add it to your RSS Feed list (in the same place as the Favourites).
    You can then click on the Feeds button and see a list of all your subscribed feeds with the ones with new content in bold.

    There are also alot of other RSS Reader programs which no doubt I should be using, but IE7 works fine for me now 🙂

    If anyone has any more info on RSS Feeds fell free to add it here …


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