5 comments on “WA on Show

  1. I saw this in the paper and though jeez I wish I could exhibit some of my photos. How do you actually go about getting photos at these kinds of events?

    By the way does anyone else comment on this website?


  2. We’ve put alot of effort into getting ourselves known in the WA Tourism Industry, which results in opportunities like this one.

    It does take alot of time and effort to get your name out there, but it will hopefully make selling our images easier 🙂

    I haven’t really advertised this blog at all yet, been too busy trying to make money. Hopefully when I do get around to doing some serious marketing more people will come and see that this is a serious & regularly updated blog and I’ll start to get more posts.

    Meanwhile, your presense here is greatly apprecaited, you’re paving the way for the masses to follow 😎

    Maybe Christian Fletcher is stealing all my blog visitors 😉


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