7 comments on “Online Gallery Live

  1. Thanks for the bad link info, it was pointing to my local development web site 😳

    The Lightroom web galleries are pretty easy to use in themselves but a bit limiting if you want to do more than customise a few colours or text.

    I have used Lightroom for now as it made it easy to get the online gallery up, but I will probably have to create my own gallery code soon and just use Lightroom to collate and export the images.

    Hopefully the next verion of Lightroom will have more configurable web gallery funtionality.


  2. I agree dave. Light room is great but limiting. I was struggling recently to find something with a home page link….one that I liked anyway.
    The Boronup Forest shot will look perfect on canvas. I’m assuming Lynn has told you about Brilliant Prints over East but I have also been told recently about a place in Subi called Mirage….check them out.


  3. I’ll be printing my own canvas very shortly. I have a roll sat here I just need the time to get around to it (that’s my excuse anyway).

    Canvas will probably go out of fashion if I don’t start using it soon 🙂


  4. Two replies in an hour! Your landscapes look wonderful Dave, could only download six though – although I think it might have been interupted so you may not receive this – but they look excellent. I think I’ll go back to skin tones!


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