8 comments on “Australia Day at Mindarie Marina

  1. Nice shots Dave, I got some from Nedlands, but they were too far away.

    What I’d love to see is a big pano of the city with fireworks exploding over the top. That would be a nice shop.


  2. You know I dont’ know what is cheating anymore. There has been a serious change in the way people are processing photos lately, with obviously lots of photoshop. Heck even Christians photo of on the top of his blog looks like its had a large amount of dodging and burning applied, the black trees are a give away.

    So I say go ahead, mock one up, everyone will go ohh ahh what a great shot and really if it looks good then thats all I’m really worried about. I don’t think there really is a line to cross anymore (just my rant)


  3. I know what you mean James, the biggest problem is peoples perception of what photography is and what is “acceptable” in their mind. It’s about time photography was considered more of an art form than a means of creating an exact facsimile of a scene. No one ever asks a painter if his painting has been photoshoped 😯

    I like Alain Briots’ (http://www.beautiful-landscape.com) view on the whole question of whether his images are “modified” or not, when asked he just says “Yes” and leaves the other person to decide how to deal with his answer.

    Alain has some very interesting essays on Photography which are well worth reading, here is a link to his “Just Say Yes” essay.


  4. Alain’s writing has a certain “Frenchness” to it …

    No that there’s anything wrong with that ( 🙂 ), he is a very good writer as well as a good photographer, some of his marketing essays are very interesting too 🙂


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