15 comments on “Welcome

  1. Yours are nicer. Theres something I just can’t get with my images, but I’ll get there. Yours are very clear and very colourful, oh yes and very nice.


  2. Thanks again James, what software do you use to process your prints. I use Adobe Lightroom (and Photoshop if needed afterwards), it gives alot of flexibility when it comes to tweaking and refining your images.


  3. I use Photoshop and Lightroom also. Lightroom is amazing for organising photos, although I still have some issues with recognising the correct white balance to use.

    For stitching I use Autopano and CS3 also. I always use photoshop as I’m stitching, its not possible to just use lightroom by itself.


  4. I use lightroom and photoshop. Lightroom is awesome for organising and the presets make things happen a lot quicker. I stitch all my photos so I need to use photosop with every photo.


  5. Yes, unfortunately Photoshop is still a necessity for processing most images. I still do all my printing from Photoshop as well as any other final touches that Lightroom cannot handle.

    White balance can be a bit tricky to get right, if you want to get it perfect then you can get whilte balance cards that you photograph on-site and they give Lightroom a guide to getting it right. I find that too much effort though and either leave it at default or just tweak it until it looks right.


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